Founded in 1950, the firm Ethier & Ethier was one of the main offices for land surveying services in the Montreal area. The original pioneers Germain Ethier and Yvon Ethier, both land surveyors and engineers, contributed, through technical and legal project completion, to helping this profession prosper.
In 1986, Denis Ethier, a recent graduate, joins the team. A strong shift is occurring with the evolution of technology and the introduction of new concepts and ideas. He was the master craftsman in the modernization of the firm’s practice, while respecting the valuable expertise of his mentors.
Following a six year collaboration, Denis takes over; the firm then becomes Denis Ethier, arpenteur-géomètre. In 2009, displaying the same sense of renewal, Stéphanie Caroline Belleville joins the team. Six years later, history repeats itself. In a partnership with Denis Ethier, the name Ethier-Belleville arpenteurs-géomètres came to be.


Yvon Ethier

Member of the Order of Land Surveyors of Quebec in 1950, he holds a Bachelor of Forestry Engineering from Laval University (1950). He past away in 1993.

Germain Ethier

Member of the Order of Land Surveyors of Quebec in 1956, he holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Polytechnique (1951). He retires in 2000.