Motion Control

It enables the study and observation of the way a building moves or the way a structure is elevated, within a specific time frame.


The implantation is the operation where the land surveyor places markers on the field, establishing the exact position of a structure or a structure’s detail to be constructed or modified, in relation to the property limits, another structure or any reference line in conformity with the laws and by-laws affecting the property. “A certificate of implantation” is a written confirmation to carry out the implantation.

Technical survey

To meet specific client requirements, the land surveyor prepares plans showing configuration, exact positioning and/or elevation of various components that need repair, replacement or expansion.

Land development

The action to divide or sub-divide in lots one or many properties in view of creating residential and/or commercial structures.


Leveling is a land survey technique that is used to determine the difference in elevation in a specified area by measuring vertical distances on a graduated rod using a leveling instrument.

Topographic map

This is a detailed and accurate graphic representation of cultural and natural features on the ground developed by the land surveyor showing both natural and man-made features.

Volumetric survey

Measuring a specific volume in order to determine a quantity.